Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

If you've come to one of my morning yoga classes, you've likely seen me with a smoothie nearby. Green smoothies have been my go-to lately, especially on mornings that I am teaching. I find them light and easy to digest (an important factor when either going to take or teach a yoga class), replenishing, and hydrating. Not only that, but smoothies are easy to make, and simple to switch out ingredients to mix things up a bit. This green smoothie has been my go-to since I first discovered that green smoothies can actually taste GOOD, about a year ago. Years ago had tried putting frozen spinach (big mistake) into my smoothie, and quickly wrote them off. However, after giving them another shot years later, I realized that green smoothies are all about finding the proper balance and consistency based on your preferences. 

When I eat, I make try to make it a point to choose foods that both nourish and optimize my health, and that are low glycemic index to stabalize my blood sugar level. This is even more important to me when it comes to choosing the first meal of the day, as that can set the tone for the rest of the day. This smoothie does not disappoint and provides a serving+ of fruit, vegetables, healthy fats and protein. 

I've had lots of students ask me what's in it, so here it is! Please note that measurements are approximate, as I don't follow a strict recipe. It all depends on your preferences.

~ 12-16 oz of NON-GMO coconut water (read ingredients to make sure only one: coconut water)
~ Handful of organic frozen mango
~ Handful of organic frozen cauliflower
~ 1-2 heaping handfuls of organic baby spinach
~ 1/2 - 1 organic avocado (depending on how big they are)
~ 6 organic spearmint leaves
~ 1tbs of organic flax oil (healthy fats + omegas)
~ 1 scoop of collagen powder (or protein powder of choice)