Book Review: WomanCode

Today I’m sharing one of the books from my summer reading, WomanCode by Alissa Viti. If you've been following my wellness journey, balancing my hormones was a struggle after coming off synthetic birth control after 10+ years of taking it. Nine months with no period after coming off birth control, I took charge of my health and began working with a naturopath to naturally bring my hormones back to balance. I can tell you that personally through lifestyle + diet, and of course time to heal, I was able to naturally get my period back, experience more consistent cycles, and am on my way to hormonal balance.

Hormone health is ESSENTIAL to your health and wellbeing, despite that it is rarely talked about. Quite frankly, it is a shame that we aren’t taught about our own body’s growing up during sex education, (at least not from my experience), and how to become more in sync with them as young girls. Needless to say, it’s never too late to learn.

This book taught me about the 4 phases of the cycle and how to nurture and become in sync with each one through food and lifestyle. Since reading the book, I constantly go back to specific chapters for reference and guidance depending on what it is that I am personally experiencing.

Hormone health affects everything from your mood, sleep, energy, digestion, skin, weight, fertility, and more. Whether you're thinking about coming off synthetic birth control, are trying to find hormonal balance and perfect your cycle, trying to get pregnant, looking to amplify your sex drive, or are going through menopause, this book Woman Code teaches you to become a power source as a woman. This book also serves as a reminder that whatever you are going through personally, you are not alone.