Mocha Maca Frappacino

Mocha Maca Frappacino.jpeg

This coffee-like beverage is plant-based, refined sugar free, caffeine free, supports hormone health, AND is refreshing AF.

I used to be obsessed with Starbucks’ mocha frappacino. I’d spend $4+ and slurp that frosty bev on an empty stomach, which incase you didn’t know, the grande w/o the whipped cream has 58 grams of sugar, wtf, not to mention artificial flavors and gums (which can cause digestive issues). Needless to say I was throwing money away daily, I packed on a few extra pounds, felt like crap, was unknowingly messing with my hormones, skin, sleep, and was addicted to both sugar + caffeine 🥴

Overtime, I’ve learned how sensitive I am to the caffeine in coffee (feel loopy, nauseous, jittery, anxious, and dehydrated) and have become even more conscious eliminating/reducing my intake esp while working to balance my hormones in my 30’s after coming off hormonal birth control. A cup full of refined sugar on the daily would make me feel like complete crap and leave me craving more sugar. And I’m all set with dishing money out on food that I can make better, cleaner, and cheaper myself.

My point is, it can be fun exploring ways to keep your favorite foods in your diet, but enjoy them in a healthier way that actually support your well-being so that you FEEL your best. Sure it takes a little extra work, and trial and error, but I myself can tell you it’s well worth investing in your health now, versus paying for it later.

Mocha Maca Frappacino Ingredients:

Directions: Combine and blend all ingredients together in a high speed blender. Top with cocao nibs for some added texture!