Health Benefits of Camel Pose

camel pose.jpeg

Camel pose, ustrasana was one of those shapes that I used to despise, especially back in the day when I went to bikram yoga, which by the time we got to this shape, felt like I was going to pass out from overheating. Needless to say, overtime I’ve learned to love this pose, and as a runner, it feels pretty damn good to stretch out the front side of my body including those super tight hip flexors. 

A few benefits of camel pose: 

Opens the heart chakra. Camel pose unlocks the heart chakra which fills your life with love, compassion, and beauty. It is the center of deep bonds and connection with other human beings, a place of kindness, respect and altruism. This pose allows the powerful energy to flow freely to enrich your life.

Reduces stress and anxiety. This backbend opens the mind releases tension, and revitalizes the brain. A calm mind increases creativity, enhances concentration, and can shift your perspective.

Improves digestion. Digestive problems - bloating, indigestion, constipation- have become a common problem for many people and can oftentimes be painful and inconvenient. Camel pose detoxifies the body and enhances circulation to the digestive tract thus improving digestion, appetite, and excretion of food.

Stimulates thyroid glands. Camel pose stretches the muscles of the neck region where the thread and parathyroid glands are situatated. The stretching simulates these glads and improves their functioning, thereby enhancing the production of their hormonal content. This posture also supports the endocrine glands and may alleviate diseases related to oversee, pineal glands, etc.

They say in yoga some of the poses that we have a tendency to resist are the ones we need the most in our lives (of course honoring your body). What are some yoga poses that you resist?