Benefits Of Taking A Week Off From Working Out


Feeling tired, burnt out, and drained from your workout routine? My advice, listen to your body, take a break. I know, it is easier said than done and I oftentimes need to take my own advice. Rest days are just as important as workout days because they help strengthen your body, sharpen your focus and reinvigorate your spirit and joy that you want to maintain while training. Taking an entire week off from doing any sort of intense activity can actually help you in the long run. A full week off is like a vacation for your body. Just as you would take a vacation from work to help your mind rest and recover, a week off from the gym or working out can be a great way for your mind and muscles to recover. Not to mention they can give you an extra boost of motivation and energy when you get back to your workout routine.

Thus, this week I’m giving my body a staycation – from teaching and strenuous exercise. I’ll be honest, resting does not come easy to me. On the other hand, taking breaks is a great lesson - a lesson to find other things (other than strenuous physical things) that bring you joy. I’ve turned to books, meditation, spending time on my business, and light nature walks with my dogs to make up for the time I’d be spending running, teaching or at the gym. It is also an extra push to continue to eat well and keep fueling my body with the nutrition it needs.

So if you’re feeling tired, burnt out and sick of the gym, take a break. What’s most important is that you listen to your body – your body knows what it needs to be nourished.