The Truth About Birth Control and Finding Hormone Balance

Birth Control and Hormone Health.jpeg

Getting personal today about my hormone health. But first, did you know that hormones are key to your overall health, affecting things like your mood, metabolism, sleep, energy, ability to absorb nutrients, reproduction, and more? I never used to think much about hormone health in my 20’s. In fact, I was pretty satisfied that while on hormonal BC, my skin was clear, my periods were consistent + I had an extra layer of protection. Needless to say, I also felt low energy, went through a period of moderate anxiety in college, and my mood + weight was up and down. I also didn’t realize all of the potential risks such as nutrient deficiencies (B vitamins + antioxidants), increased rates of depression, low libido, early menopause, and more - that many doctors either aren’t aware of or fail to share.

15 months ago, I ditched synthetic BC to support a more holistic lifestyle and potentially open up the door to getting pregnant. Working with a naturopath, I learned that my estradiol, progesterone and estrone levels were extremely low. So, I’ve used herbal supplements including: licorice root, vitax, prognonelone (a very light dose of hormones), a women’s daily vitamin, probiotics, along with adaptogens including reishi and ashwaghanda + CBD oil. I’ve also been much more mindful when it comes to rest, sleep, stress management, nutrition focused on whole foods including fat, protein + fiber, and gut health. After 9 months of amenorrhea, my period came back and I’ve had 4 total since.

It’s easy to get caught up feeling frustrated and think my body isn’t working the way it should be as a woman, uncomfortable when asked when/if I’m planning on having kids and heartbroken watching those around me go through struggles + losses and wonder if that will be me when/if that time comes. BUT instead, I try to stay positive + focus on the celebrating the small wins as a sign of PROGRESS. Instead, I’m learning to listen + honor what my body needs to heal.

Hormone health is so important. It’s also important to remember that your health is an ongoing journey of ups and downs. YOU have to do what is best for YOU. Lastly, know that wherever you are on your journey, you aren’t alone