The Key to Living a Balanced Lifestyle


Balance is one of those concepts that is frequently talked about, and one that many of us strive to achieve. But is finding a balanced lifestyle in the traditional sense really an illusion and a bunch of BS?

We tend to constantly be striving for more ‘balance’ in our lives, but in reality, life is going to continue to throw us curve balls, forcing us to readjust accordingly. Despite knowing this, we continue to chase after this idea of finding balance, whether it's work-life balance, etc, when we are really like a dog chasing its tail. It’s never ending and exhausting af. And believe me when I say I fell into this trap for many years when trying to balance work, home, grad school, a commute, teaching yoga, finding purpose, maintaining my health, etc., and held onto this unrealistic expectation that I could DO IT ALL 100%...which led to burnout and disappointment.

What if instead of chasing balance we bring more PRESENCE into wherever it is we are, and to whatever it is we are doing? Being PRESENT, especially in areas where we feel “off-balanced,” is certainly more sustainable and fulfilling than trying to constantly even out certain areas of our lives. Instead of chasing balance, we can choose to be in the NOW, be present, breathe, and live a life that is constantly moving, changing and growing.

The choice is yours.