Spring Cleaning For Your Body, Mind, and Soul


Spring has arrived and although it may not feel *quite* like it here in New England it is time for Spring Cleaning! Spring is an opportunity for renewal and rebirth. It is a time for planting seeds to nurture and to witness the unending cycle of growth and change. It is also a time to shed away old layers, habits, and beliefs that no longer serve you - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Recognize that each waking moment is a chance to begin again. It is in the present moment - the here and now - that we experience the sheer joy of present moment awareness. 

Carve out extra time this season for self-care, to work on clearing away negative emotions, thoughts or beliefs. In addition to clearing your mind + soul of clutter, here is how you can clear clutter from your physical environment and relationships:

Simple ways to clear clutter from your life


  • Workout
  • Meditate
  • Make Lists
  • Define your priorities
  • Act with intention

Physical Environment:

  • Clear Paper piles on desk
  • Clean out/reorganize cabinets
  • Clean out/reorganize fridge - toss food the that spoiled
  • Closets - donate clothes/shoes or accessories you haven't worn in the past year
  • Wallet - spend any unused gift cards and cash out loose change
  • Inbox - unsubscribe to emails you don't read and delete old messages

Relationships with others (oftentimes the most challenging:

  • Let go of relationships that aren't serving you
  • Let go of gossip or negative talk
  • Spend more time with people who vibrate positive energy

Think of 1-2 items that you can do within the next two days....and do them!





Sara Hubbard