Natural Remedies to Combat Allergy Season

Fire Cider.jpeg

A shot of fire cider a day keeps the sniffles at bay. This fermented herbal tonic is packed with immune boosting, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties with potent ingredients including turmeric, ginger, garlic, onion, rosemary, horseradish, raw ACV and more.

While I love the change in seasons, warmer weather, extra sunlight and all that blossoms with spring, my immune system often needs a little extra lovin' to prevent seasonal allergy flareups. For years I used to rely on taking over the counter allergy medicine which would make me extremely dehydrated, dry my eyes out - not fun when you wear contacts, constipated - also a buzz kill and fatigued, OR make me feel super jittery like I overdosed on caffeine. For years I also used to suffer from sinus infections and was put on antibiotics which made me feel like complete crap, interfered with my hormonal bc when I was on it, and likely wreaked havoc on my gut. Funny, but not really how you also are recommended to take those meds on a daily regiment in order for them to work properly…but we won’t talk about that today.

Ever since shifting my diet to focus on WHOLE FOODS aka REAL FOOD, drinking a daily cup of lemon water, using a neti-pot especially during the change in seasons, and taking immune boosting shots like this homemade fire cider with local honey, my allergy symptoms have dissipated to a point that I haven’t needed to take any meds for seasonal allergies in over 6 years, nor have I had any sinus infections since. It is truly amazing how food directly effects the way you FEEL and the healing benefits that food can naturally provide. Not to mention, it is a more cost-effective and sustainable approach to supporting your overall health + well-being.

Sara Hubbard